Do You Know “Don’t Give Up”?

I never walk to school without listening to one of my favorite songs on my cellphone―a song whose name is “Don’t Give Up” by ZARD, who is popular among Japanese people―and I never listen to it without thinking I should try even harder. Every so often, it occurs to me that I may not be making enough efforts to succeed in establishing myself. I always ask myself what I should be. Am I now growing? Am I now proceeding in the right direction? I don’t know the answer yet. I believe, however, it is in the far-off future that I will find the answer. Now, I see the sky, which looks blue for most people, as a dark sky. There are a lot of clouds named anxiety over my head, and rain named tears will fall soon, and then extreme cold named solitariness will come. The winter will be, nevertheless, followed by spring named success. Therefore, I should never ever give up trying to realize my dream, however dark it is in front of my eyes.


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