Magic Spells

Do you believe in magic spells? Some say it is nothing but fiction, but I believe in them. When I was a child, I liked running around outside. I would often play tag with my friends in a park. One day, as was usual with me, I was playing outside. Then, I fell and hurt my knee. I felt so much pain that I cried and said to my mother, “It hurts. It hurts.” She said to me gently, “No, you don’t feel pain. You are a fine boy, and you will be a fine adult.” Strangely, I came to feel relaxed, and a few minutes later, my pain was gone. I think it was a magic spell. In the world, there are many magic spells here and there. What your mother, father, friends, and partner say are all magic spells. Of course, you can cast a spell on someone. If you want to be loved, you should cast good spells on people around you. The nice words you say are magic spells that make you able to be loved.


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